October 04, 2007

Think Thing

If you think that, you've got another think coming.

If you think that, you've got another thing coming.

Never once in the long years I'd assumed I was familiar with the phrase had I considered that the actual asserted value of x being offered in the common enough phrase you've got another x coming, might be the word "think." Not once.

"…another think?" I thought, when apprised of this a few years back. "Think? Really?"

Now and then I notice a brief eruption of controversy over which word is correct.

But for the most part I don't think about the thing at all. And if you think I might be swayed by one side of the argument or the other, well, …no. No, I am not swayed at all.

Because, you see, I've never used the phrase myself as near as I can recall. It's just not the way I talk to people.

If you think that, you're a fucking idiot.

Yes, yes, I've used that. And…

Do check your priors!

But not the thing with the think, no.

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