December 02, 2007

December Weather

What I like about is the tidy little box that shows you in big bolded numbers your temperature and in smaller type all the related info on wind and humidity and such after you enter your Zip Code.

The box has a reading for what your temperature "feels like," using some clever normalizing operation that I'm sure is a closely held trade secret taking into account the bearing of all the accumulated wind and humidity and stuff on the raw farenheit of the number. Some days in summer the box reports that Santa Cruz "feels like'" 76 degrees when the farenheit of it is only 71. Today at 8:45 am, 44 degrees farenheit "feels like" 44 degrees farenheit, according to So, out here in the garage today I'm simultaneously experiencing not only 44 degrees farenheit, but also at the exact same moment, what it feels like!

The forecast for today is cloudy skies, mild winds and a high of 61 degrees farenheit, whatever that may end up feeling like, more or less or equal to itself as may be. T-shirt weather Pacifica, is what I call it.

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