January 16, 2008

John Bolton Visits The Daily Show

John Bolton is taking a breather from the government work to do a book and tour. Last night he appeared on The Daily Show [Part 1.] [Part 2.].

Bolton's expressed policies have tended toward the utterly confrontational in every important public post he's occupied. Previously, Bolton confronted the threat of the UN as Bush's Ambassador to that body, and before that he confronted the threat of North Korea as chief instrument of Bush policy toward that squirrelly, pugnacious government that led directly to the resumption of its nuclear weapons program in response.

In the first part of the Daily Show video, Bolton namechecks Iran as the current big threat facing the United States. Oh, he'd wave a brisk policy or two at Iran if he had the levers of government again, no doubt, doubling down on the catastrophe his unleashed policies have contributed so far. Sure it's all in the book, from what I gather.

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