March 20, 2008

Said to be the sad truth

The Sad Truth About Relationships

When leached of incident perhaps there's a great similarity in the envisionable story arc of any and all middle class couples; the courtship, the marriage, the nest-building, child-rearing, soon-enough-done lives expected of the sort of people who tread that path. Of course the video ignores the almost obligatory early divorce that at least half of such lives require, followed by the repetition of the first few stages of the process with other partners until at some point the permanency of marriage is either achieved or proved impossible. I haven't had the pleasure of divorce myself, but I think in deference to those who have, it would be only fair to make a version of this video that fits the normal arc of those who divorce with their unique but necessary engagements with partings and custodies and measured lasting acrimony built right into the cartoon.

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