April 22, 2008

Earth Day

It's not as if I can link to the thing, Earth, being celebrated this day, and although ideas about our place, this planet, coagulate everywhere on the internet, that's of course not what Earth Day must be exclusively, recessing from an engagement with Earth itself on this appointed day to instead read or discuss what that engagement is all about, with a little pageantry thrown in to draw the crowd.

It wouldn't be bad on Earth Day for everyone to put aside a few hours annually to pay due attention to what's up with our planet, to become current with what's known about its condition. The harder part for those who'd seek to celebrate Earth on this day or any other day is to arrange to schedule an actual moment of engagement with Earth qua qua, as the philosophers say they say. There's all that distancing alienated distracting other stuff, but Earth and all its surrounds always stand ready to impress.

Did you see the big moon resting in the western sky this morning?

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