May 24, 2008

GOP Strategists Mull a McCain "Blowout"

This report from David Paul Kuhn at the Politco website demonstrates the eternal priniciple that with the aid of the meagerest hope the path to victory can be spied. Republican strategists "mull" [love the word] the possibility that McCain might outperforming his ticket and actually take the electoral college by a greater margin of victory than George Bush ever did.

Making the unlikely occur takes great effort, and since it is unlikely that McCain will be president, it is up to Republicans to do the great unlikely things it will take to see it happen. All the way up and down the line Republicans made that great effort in the 2000 election, from the mob of them who crowded into the election office in Florida and shut down the count of votes that would have granted Gore the victory, all the way up to the Republicans on the Supreme Court, who dragged the 14th amendment through the looking glass in a decision favoring Bush, and while certifying his victory took the unprecedented yet obviously necessary precaution of legally extinguishing their own ruling in passing, declaring that it could not be construed as a precedent in any future case, preventing future litigants from throwing the blatant traducing of the meaning of "equal protection" it was based on back in the Supreme's face. Like the Cheshire cat, the ruling disappeared itself, leaving nothing but the smile a Republican victory produces.

There's no saying what it will take for the Republicans to pull it off this time. But that's what they have strategists for, I suppose.

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