June 13, 2008

The Big Picture

Boston.com has a newish blog, The Big Picture, the purpose of which is to post enormous pictures, pictures which would which normally be cropped or shrunk to a smaller size to fit the news stories they accompany. Each post consists of a dozen or so thematically similar images chosen by the blog's author, Alan Taylor.

I wish I could post huge photo images via Blogger, but that seems to be out of the question. Well, free is free, so I'm not really complaining. Nothing beats the sense of immersion provided by a great big picture, though. Taylor has a fine eye, and the advantage of picking through the work of really talented photographers from all over the world. Lose yourself in the blog. It's astonishingly good stuff.

[Brazilian Indians riding a bus to a meeting to protest plans for a hydoroelectric dam which will flood their home acres. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)]

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