November 10, 2008

Everything You Know Is Wrong

Professional pollsters puzzling over the apparent lack of a Bradley Effect in last week's presidential race will be heartened to know that one of their fellows, Scott Rassmussen, has looked closely, very, very, closely at the election results and come away with the startling discovery that the majority of people who cast their ballots for Barack Obama were actually crossing their fingers behind their backs and voting for Ronald Reagan instead.

Which suggests that, as always, there is no news of any kind that is not, in some universe very much like our own, good news for Republicans.

UPDATE (11/11/08):

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Kenmeer livermaile said...

Optimism is Reaganism.

To believe in America is to believe in Reagan.

The sun rises in the east, again, because of the many who still pray to and believe in Ronald Reagan.

Yahweh Himself has abandoned long white hair and tumbling beard in exchange for Grecian formula, Brylcreem, and a slick Bonn automatic razor.

It's not just that everything you know is wrong, but that Revisionist Historical Alzheimerism (RHA)incorporates quantum mechanical multiverse historical proofs better than Any old reality-baded fact-checking.

RHA is the string theory of liberal fascism:

Kenmeer livermaile said...

Let's see ifasic HTML is allowed:

Everything You KNow Is Wrong