February 03, 2009

Three Quarters of Football

The MSM is in lock-step, reporting that the Pittsburh Steelers "won" the Super Bowl the other day, beating the Arizona Cardinals by the score of 27-23, just one more instance of the Rust Belt bias of the old line liberal media with its historic East Coast Regionalist anti-American Desert leanings, is what I say. Reports that the Steelers "won" clash with the view of anyone who sees through the MSM's distortion field to what really happened: the Cardinals, pride of the Southwest, covered the 6½ point spread, but does the MSM bother to put that in your headline? Ha! Tell me what the score was while I wave this pile of bills in your face, NYT!

Arizonans hoping for a clearer Cardinals victory, local pride assuaged, the small comfort of being able to say, "O, rest of the nation, you've got your President Hussein Obamination, sure our guy took a pounding there, but we've got THE SUPERBOWL TROPHY BITCHESZZZZ!!!!11!!," saw those hopes evaporate, yes.

And, thirdly, Evangelicals eager to see their man Kurt Warner at the end of the game pointing a finger up to indicate to whom by the grace of which and all, instead watched devout Kurt Warner get totally punked by Touchdown Jesus. That pass, the one Warner threw, the one run back the entire length of the field for a Pittsburgh touchdown? A lesson to every Evangelical, and I'm pretty sure the last time any of them ever prays directly to Touchdown Jesus to intervene in Kurt Warner's life, if they knows what's good for him, is all I'm saying.

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