March 30, 2011

Nearing the Real 2010

Spring Training is over, the stiffness of a winter away sluffed off now by vigorous repetition of all the characteristic motions of the game in preparation for the actual Season, the one ending with what those in baseball call a World Championship.

The World Series trophy won by the San Francisco Giants in 2010 was sent out on a long proud progress by the club, visiting among other spots the site of the last Polo Grounds the Giants played in before leaving for San Francisco. And, as it turned out, the thing itself came to Santa Cruz as well.

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is the perfect house for such a public spectacle. It's got gaudy public celebration built right in. Two lines formed .
The Tour reached all the way to Santa Cruz
Lots of people lined up to have a photo taken with the Trophy
Others formed a shorter line for the chance to merely sidle by at a respectable distance from the thing itself
The photographer kneeling right is, I aver, in the very instant during which the official photographer busies himself picturing the same happy people, recording for the public his best view of what will appear on the front page of the next day's Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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