January 01, 2013

Happy New Year Alleged, Details At 11.

The Romans foisted their calendar on all of us so long ago that it's barely worth arguing over anymore, so this must be the day we agree it's all reset, begun again with the counting out of the precessional motion of what we have for a planet around its sustaining sun from this the first day, labelled with the initiatory month of the incrementally advanced year of it, all the way through to the death of it in the last counted day of December next complementing the planet's passage to the same spot beside our sun it holds just now for all of us. It's not that the Romans have the last word on when the calendar's first day may fall. There are any number of calendars that track the motions of our sun and its planets as well or better than the Roman calendar can, and arguments for them are neverending. But there you go. The Roman standard got taken up and here we are dealing with the first day of the next year in a indeterminate number of succeeding years left as the rest of it for any of us.

Go for it, eh?

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