February 25, 2008

Beyond the Valley of the Shadow of the Parthian, Or, Delenda Est Su Madre Forever!!!1!

A useful visual schematic laying out the roles of participants in longstanding internet flame wars has come to my attention.

I make no warranty about the veracity of this image. It came along an email chain to me recently. It could have been cobbled together for fun by someone on Fark for all I know, or it may capture the actual visual fact of the matter in the instant it transpired, the little dog's dead buck fuck I care to call it. Likewise, I have no idea if it's at all timely. Years may have passed since it first joined the stream of Hey Look at This that sloshes through the inbox of every email user, fated to arrive at each and every one of them on the internet eventually, and to return there again and again over time at the merest click of a Forward button. Or, again, it may be pretty new; I don't know.

You might think there'd be no further degradation possible following the summary insult of intentionally inflicted death, looking at self's end from a purely personal perspective, thinking, well, if it were me I'd be dead and wouldn't know or be capable of caring so what the fuck, but you'd be wrong, this picture says. Things can go downhill from there with the remains. Insult can be always added by the littlest fucking dog to the burden of the terminated thing, is what this image indicates.

The fellow crouches down by the beast he's killed, holding the buck's rack. He's violated the buck's right to live there in the time honored way of the hunter, having apparently offered up the terminal injury with the rifle resting there on the buck's midsection. The hunter appears nonplussed by the little dog's addition to what he must have thought was already going to be a compehensive image of the buck's bad last day. He leans untriumphantly away in the scene, with his own ass low to the ground.

The connection to longstanding internet flame wars is left as an excercise for their makers.

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