February 03, 2008

Zogby Numbers

Does anyone else share the impression that Zogby's numbers are often the crazy outliers of numbers distributed by the good graces of the science of statistical sampling when the mood of the public is being tested before an upcoming election? Are Zogby numbers ever really that close to the results they attempt to foresee in retrospect? Or are they useful because they are so predictably off? Maybe I'm ignoring all the good work Zogby numbers do at other times and places I'm not aware of, I don't know. I do recall what seems a pretty long list of tallied returns that delivered a good crumpling to the Zogby numbers that foreshadowed them.

The season of the horse race is upon us, at least according to Zogby the pollster, whose numbers show "Clinton, Obama Neck-and-Neck in Key Super Tuesday States."

We'll see shortly.


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