August 30, 2008

Happily, No!

So the smart move here would be to largely ignore her and focus the attention on McCain.

— Brad at Sadly, No

Happily, no.

The smart move for the Obama campaign won't be to ignore Palin at all, but to let it be Joe Biden's ongoing role to savage John McCain, and Hillary Clinton's ongoing role to savage Sarah Palin: Joe ignores her, goes after McCain, Hillary does a hit and run campaign of ads and personal appearances attacking Palin's politics, one glaring example at a time. Sarah Palin argues with Hillary, John McCain argues with Joe Biden, Obama takes the ball and heads for the basket untouched.

You don't rule the rhetoric of a campaign by ignoring what's served up by your opponent. You rule the rhetoric by dominating the conversation at every turn, e.g. turning what is utterly ridiculous in your opponent immediately into a lot of utter ridicule: the idea that Sarah Palin is experienced in foriegn affairs because, you know, look how close Alaska is to Russia, deserves the thousand flowers of ridicule thrown its way.

Hillary Clinton has every reason to be personally insulted when Sarah Palin baldly claims to be just the woman to continue the Hillary's historic campaign. Senator Clinton plainly owns a deeply held vision of social justice for women utterly opposed by everything Sarah Palin stands for. She can be an invaluable voice for the Obama campain if she's let loose on Palin.

I'm hoping the Obama campaign doesn't treat her the way the Gore campaign treated her husband during the 2000 campaign, but instead gives her the oportunity to represent. The Republicans need to be given the bum's rush, and if it takes all the leading lights of the Democratic Party to do the job, so be it.

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