October 20, 2012

Giants Watch

Checklist for an acceptable year:

☐ A. Beat the Dodgers
☐  1. Every time
☐  2. Most of the time
☐  3. Foil them in their quest for the pennant

☐ B. Win all games at least half the time
☐  1. Half the time
☐  2. More than half the time

☐ C. Win The Pennant

☐ D. Win The World Series

Many's the year when only a mark beside A3 has saved the Giants from having an unacceptable season, not that there haven't been a disagreeable number of those over the years to bear with as well. But, yes, foiling the Dodgers makes for an acceptable season, whatever other indignities may have been endured. Winning the season series and knocking them out of contention in the same year is doubly satisfying.

 Your B2 season is just fine with me, of course. I'm not a greedy man, though the utter charm of checking D has not yet dimmed in my otherwise spotty memory. So, Go Giants.

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