October 25, 2012

The Curious Incident of the Unforeseen History Lesson

[Cue Twilight Zone music]

By some agency unknown to me the following scrap of newspaper settled on my lawn this morning. I found it when I went out to get today's paper, brought it inside and took this picture of it, which is unretouched, although it may get downsampled by Blogger a couple of times before it gets posted. Notice up in the corner a few line of Wallace Steven's "Notes On A Supreme Fiction," which is a fine effort in its own right, of course, but the eye is drawn to the headline on that page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel for May 8, 2011 that somehow found its way to my lawn, given over to a prominent report of another expression of excellence entirely, a no-hitter (his second) thrown by Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers against the Toronto Blue Jays on the previous day. Verlander is pictured getting a post-game dousing by teammates. Below that story is another picture, featuring what would prove to be a rare sighting of Freddy Sanchez playing second base for the San Francisco Giants above the happy news of another Giants win.

A Ghost of Baseball Past

After Pagan's angle shot off third base in last night's game, I'm prepared to believe we're now entering the very black and orange nimbus of Samhain itself, and the appearance of this curious page on my lawn does little to disuade me.

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