November 06, 2012

Early on the West Coast

I called it for Obama some months ago, saying, "Obama's going to win" out loud and within hearing distance with the sort of conviction that passes for prescience if the deed foretold is done. I made no prediction regarding Elizabeth Warren, who is just now projected by NBC to be the winner of the Senate race in Massachusetts over Scott Brown, the incumbent, who to my knowledge avoided the pitfall of the explanatory word about rape which a number of fellow Republican males running for Federal office found it necessary to indulge in during the course of their soon-foundering campaigns, and yet, still lost to Warren, who was denied the chair of the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  she'd helped bring about in the wake of the financial meltdown that ushered out the Bush Era, and ushered in our first African-American president four years ago. Financial interests strirred up the Republicans to block her appointment to the post, which went to another, but left her free to challenge Brown, a one-term Republican in his first re-election bid. So now the financiers and Republicans have a Senator instead of a Bureau chief to contend with.

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