November 01, 2012

Hunter Moon Man

In Game 2 of the 2012 World Series, Hunter Pence scored one run and drove in the other in a 2-0 San Francisco Giants victory. In total, he scored three of the 16 runs scored by the whole team in their four-game Series sweep over the Detroit Tigers. So there is that about him.

Offensively, he gets almost all the credit there is for winning game 2, as much as Pablo gets for lighting things up in game 1. In game 3, after stealing second base in the top of the second following a leadoff walk to open the inning, Pence scored on Gregor Blanco's triple. Blanco soon followed with the only other score of the game, another 2-0 Giants victory.

In the fourth game Pence took second on a double and scored on a triple by Brandon Belt. Hitting a triple after Pence takes second is in all the playbooks. It worked again here, giving the Giants their first run of a game which surely will be remembered more for the astonishing strikeout of Melky Cabrera by Sergio Romo that sealed the win and the Series for the Giants than for what Hunter Pence accomplished. Still, he showed up. He did good.

He appeared cleanshaven at the Giants Victory Parade in San Francisco yesterday, perhaps making good on some promise about ever winning the World Series.

Powell and Market Streets, San Francisco, October 31,  2012

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