November 10, 2012

Man's Man and Attractive Woman Have A Bunch of Sex!

I'm wondering how this story failed to break before the election. Sure, Petraeus represented the Republican's best presidential hope going forward, but, for the off chance that the froth from the revelation of his affair with his biographer might shake up Obama's campaign just enough to ensure what Romney's team thought was going to be a very close win, shouting Benghazi! Petraeus! Benghazi! over and over in the last week before the election seems like it would have been the politic thing to do. It's a no-brainer, at least in terms of American politics, where we cusomarily destroy the future in order to ensure the present. But not a peep until after the vote. Hmm.

Here's Paula Broadwell on the Charlie Rose Show, talking to Charlie about All In, her book about David Petraeus, with a measure of circumspection suitable to the civilized tenor of conversation expected at Rose's table, given what we now learn.

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