November 13, 2012

The Untraceable Lightness of Citizens United

It can't be the case that only Stephen Colbert's lawyer has figured out a way to channel money donated to a political SuperPac in the heat of the recently concluded presidential election campaign into a separate secret stash of untaxable cash by passing it to yet another non-profit controlled by Colbert, formed under a different part of the tax code not covered by the same Federal Election Commission filing requirements, which then passes it along to yet a third non-profit, still controlled by Colbert, the identity of which the intermediary non-profit is, as it stands, not required to divulge. The intermediary SuperPac is not required to divulge that the money it recieves comes from the original SuperPac to which it was donated, and the third non-profit is not required to divulge that its money comes from the intermediary. It doesn't have to say nothing to nobody about that money in fact. It's free.

Reading comprehension is why we have tax lawyers in the first place, after all, and it will be illuminating to see what percentage of money given to the bigtime SuperPacs leaks out in this direction when the Federal Election Commission lays down the count and the amount in its official report on the 2012 presidential race.

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